Strange – The Nintendo Switch Lite

As I sit her contemplating the Nintendo switch lite I sit here and think is it really worth it? Of course it’s cheaper but with the lack of tv support it just makes me think, oh looky here an advanced Nintendo DS. Well I have one of them, I have a switch. So it seems pretty pointless obtaining one.

But this is where I am split. Let’s say we get hold of the new animal crossing game. It would be pretty fun to play it on a hand held device, lets say the switch lite. Leave the switch at home and grab the cheaper version? But again what’s the point in owning two devices! It’s mental. What was the market for this console! Those who didn’t have enough to afford the switch? or those that just love buying tech. Because even if you couldn’t afford a switch im sure you would buy one in the sales? It’s baffling to say the least, confusing at best.

Rant over! – James

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